A True Story - Coming Soon

Part II

With the sunset of my 30th year comes bursting forth the dawn of an existential awakening. I undergo a metamorphosis and transition from a lover to becoming a fighter. 

I am "Lovely Girl."

Up to 2015, I only dreamed of the day I would become second to a man—as a wife, a role I sought as the epitome of my potential. My life would be given in service to a man and his kingdom. Instead, as my life would have it, I became everything but that.


Over time and unbeknownst to me, I became what I refer to instead as a 'King Slayer'—

A fighter, a warrior, and a conqueror.  


The last 'king' to rule me, a self-aggrandizing Emmy-touting producer and executive in Hollywood, strikes against my move to depose him from his hold on me as yet another deadweight trophy in his kingdom of dark theatrics. Meanwhile, a conspiracy is formed on another front. A fragmented alliance of five lesser 'kings' of a global media conglomerate is formed in a conspiracy to fortify their political position in the company against an investigation into their corruption. Under siege on multiple fronts, from the personal to the professional, I undergo yet another series of mind-shattering trials and tribulations that test my substance.  


In this book, readers will explore how pressure turns into power and what was meant for evil turns for good on both a worldly and extraterrestrial level. 

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