SUITS (2011)-Fighting the good fight with BigLaw presentation but with the heart of a public interest lawyer. 

In my favorite episode, Harvey Specter (the hired attorney representing Company X) reveals to his CEO-client that another C-suite exec was a "cancer" to X; and if the CEO-client did not do something to cut that "shit" out, then the company would suffer.

The CEO-client promptly fired said cancer; and then proceeded to explain to Specter that he really had no idea about the manner of corruption that had taken place in X and with that, the bullying of a rising young female Wall Street trader at the hands of said cancer.

I believe the CEO-client was telling the truth.

Well, Specter kicked off an anecdote: Once upon a time, Specter confronted a childhood bully's father, whose son was bullying Specter's younger brother. Upon confronting the 'head' of the bully's household, the father admitted he had no idea about the bullying that his son was committing.

Yet, take a guess what Specter retorted back.


"You wanna know what [the father's] problem was? It was his job to know."

BOOM! Genius comeback.

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